Zones of Hope: Challenges and Opportunities in Improving Border Economic Micro-Zones

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The heavily traversed urban areas adjacent to U.S.-Mexico land ports of entry are showing their wear. More often than not, they are no-man’s lands of restricted mobility, chronic pedestrian and vehicle congestion and ongoing tension between federal law enforcement and the surrounding community.

Does it have to be this way? A grim on-the-ground reality at the border does not make sense in the context of the U.S.-Mexico High-Level Economic Dialogue. Nor does an uninviting border make sense for a region that is striving to attract firms with high-paying, globally oriented jobs.

Crossing borders in North America for legitimate trade and travel does not have to be the daunting and at times unsafe experience that it is today. Preliminary research findings spelled out in this document strongly suggest that transforming these neglected areas into “zones of hope” will require recognizing their potential, undertaking effective advocacy and then implementing effective policy to build prosperous binational Border Economic Micro-Zones.

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Photo courtesy of Tijuana Te Quiero.