PRESS RELEASE: Canyon Vista Medical Center Opening Doors to Mexico


For Immediate Release

Canyon Vista Medical Center Opening Doors to Mexico

April 1, 2015

Contact: RUTH SOBERANES, (602) 616-6209,

As work concludes on the new 177,000 square foot Canyon Vista Regional Health Center in Sierra Vista, Arizona, distinguished guests near and far are getting ready to celebrate its grand opening on April 23, 2015. The Canyon Vista Medical Center Mexico Reception will take place on Friday, April 10, 2015 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Canyon Vista Medical Center in Sierra Vista, AZ.

Among those welcoming the opening of thestate of the art hospital are Mexican dignitaries, who recognize the benefits this medical center may reap for the U.S. – Mexico border region.

The new hospital will provide 100 beds (19 designated for adult psychiatry), state of the art technology and equipment, spacious inpatient and outpatient facilities, an outdoor dining area and a heliport servicing two helicopters. Not only will the hospital provide high quality care for residents of Sierra Vista, Fort Huachuca and Cochise County at large, but it will also be open to Mexican patients seeking high-quality medical care just north of the border.

Dr. Dean French, CEO of Canyon Vista Regional Health Center, affirms that the new hospital will expand healthcare options for the region at large and bring greater economic opportunities to the area. “We look forward to this new day in healthcare and strengthening the region by providing access to key services for our community and patients. The new medical center provides a one-stop shop for multiple medical practices that will include OB/GYN, pediatrics, internal medicine, cardiology, orthopedics, sports medicine and general surgery. Additionally, it will provide advanced wound care with hyperbaric oxygen, adult and pediatric rehabilitation, and chemotherapeutic infusion services. The consolidation of all of these services under one roof will drastically improve clinical integration and increase efficiency in care,” states French.

As Fort Huachuca—a major source of jobs for thousands of Sierra Vista residents—faces reductions in government funding, the city must find ways to diversify its economy and find viable economic alternatives to insure its sustainability. Mignonne Hollis, Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation Executive Director, agrees that the hospital will provide greater economic opportunities for the region. “We see this as a beginning to our friendship with our neighbors down south and the chance to start a conversation about how to grow our local economies together,” says Hollis. Among other community leaders, she recognizes that one way to focus their economic development efforts is to strengthen its trade relations with Mexico and provide greater access to healthcare. The new opening of the Canyon Vista Medical Center provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen the transborder healthcare cluster in Sonora and Arizona.

For more information, please contact Ruth Soberanes at or 602-616-6209.