Uncommon Dialogue: U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Water Issues Conference Overview

NARP Portfolio Director Rick Van Schoik gave the opening keynote address at Stanford University’s Uncommon Dialogue: U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Water Issues conference June 1-June 3. Rick’s address, “Transborder Water Issues Governance (TWIG),” covered the basis of transborder water governance, including equitable utilization and shared benefits. He pointed out that society is only beginning to understand water’s true value and will continue to increase its appreciation for it under various global climate change (GCC) scenarios. He called out decision makers for ignoring water issues related to climate change, but affirmed that if sustainable, science-derived principles and insights are applied to the overall process, a water ethos that truly appreciates the resource at its essence may be adopted.  To learn more, click here for Rick’s full presentation.

The conference was organized by the Bill Lane Center and the Water in the West Program at Stanford Law School and featured panels such as “Groundwater in the Frontier,” “Binational Water/Energy Nexus Issues: the California-Baja California region,” and “The Colorado River.”  The overall takeaway was that food, water and energy are intricately connected and move beyond borders. To see a full list of panelists, please see the agenda. To view pictures, click here.