Policy Briefs

The North American Research Partnership begins a new series of policy briefs that will examine a variety of issues facing North America. The briefs are meant to give useful background on international relations and public policy topics currently under discussion and offer a mix of policy findings, considerations and/or recommendations.

Series editor: Erik Lee

Policy Brief 1: U.S.-Mexico Educational Exchange: Academic Underperformance and a New Diplomatic Opportunity
By Ruth Soberanes, NARP Research Analyst
January 2014
The United States’ and Mexico’s geographic proximity and 2,000 mile border have historically enabled a variety of post-secondary educational exchange. The absolute numbers for total postsecondary academic exchange are notably small for large, neighboring nations with such important global presence, powerful economies and sizable postsecondary education systems. Both governments are currently seeking to address these shortcomings as part of an overall shift in the bilateral agenda. The U.S. federal governments’ 100,000 Strong in the Americas program and the Mexican federal governments’ Proyecta 100 000 are examples of this policy direction. However, the numerous actors involved (governments, universities, the private sector) have to move beyond “business as usual” to truly create a large-scale, mutually beneficial impact in both nations. Download the policy brief here. 

Leer el informe de políticas en español: Informe de Politicas 1- Intercambio Educativo EEUU-México.