Portfolios and Projects

The North American Research Partnership organizes its work in five broad portfolios of projects, many of them interrelated. The vast majority of these projects are undertaken with our strategic partners, greatly enhancing their impact.

The North American Research Partnership analyzes North American trade from a policy standpoint, including how communities, states and provinces can best take advantage of global trade flows, and how trade intersects with public safety, national security and other areas.

Examples of past work:

Trilateral Border Symposium (2013)
State of the Border Report (2013)
Realizing the Strategic National Value of our Trade, Tourism and Ports of Entry with Mexico (2013)
Realizing the Economic Strength of Our 21st Century Border with Mexico: Jobs, Education and Trade (2012)
Realizing the Full Value of Tourism from Mexico to the United States (2012)
Realizing the Full Value of Our Crossborder Trade with Mexico (2012)
Portfolio Director: Erik Lee


The North American Research Partnership studies security in North America with a particular focus on the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico border. Specific topics include border security, including the use of technology in border security, border security and its linkage to North American trade, anti-human trafficking efforts as well as North American cooperation on security more generally.

Examples of past work include the following:

Trilateral Border Symposium (2013)TBS REPORT

State of the Border Report (2013. See chapter on border security by Erik Lee and Eric Olson)
Multi-state Survey on Human Trafficking Legislation and Collaboration (2011) Technology to Enhance Border Security and International Trade

Portfolio Directors: Rick Van Schoik and Erik Lee

All three nations have extensive collaboration with neighbors on a full range of environmental matters. This collaboration becomes particularly important as the North American energy sector surges in global importance and discussions on climate change become more frequent and urgent.

Examples of past work:
The U.S.-Mexican Border Environment: Progress and Challenges for Sustainability (SCERP 2012)

Portfolio Director: Rick Van Schoik

The North American energy sector is undergoing a large shift as renewable energy begins to reach critical mass as well as domestic oil and gas production surging in the United States and energy sector reform in Mexico being a real possibility.

Examples of past work:

Transborder Renewable Energy Exchange

Education, Awareness and Development
Governments and other entities must help citizens navigate global challenges via education and associated policy and programs. This area is currently being developed  by NARP staff.

Example of past work:

Presentations: Arizona Civil Leadership Academy, Foreign Service Institute Borders Course

2012 Awards for U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Cooperation and Innovation (BRP)

North America Next (NACTS 2009)

Portfolio Director: Erik Lee